Spreading Pavement Machine

Spreading Pavement Machine
Spreading Pavement Machine

Used for spreading, paving the bottom layer of plastic stadiums


1. Framework: With a firm and stable welded H-type structure, and a rust-proof paint layer, it may accommodate any poor conditions in the
construction site.
2.Front scratch board: Welded joint structure, the ground clearance is manually adjustable through a screw, which controls the thickness of
the floor layer. The width may be adjusted through a limiting board.
3.Driving device: The main driving system is a motor-driven caterpillar chain, with the speed smoothly controlled by a frequency converter,
which is featured as stably and precisely moving ahead or back in an arch motion. It may be equipped with different caterpillar belt for different
4.Walking Mechanism: The spreading machine may be manually moved or relocated through a walking mechanism consisting of a hydraulic
cylinder and lift.
5.Screed: The screed has four functions, viz. the adjustment of height, angle, temperature, and vibration. The plastic cement material is
vibrated, compacted and paved while passing through the screed.