Spraying machine



Mainly used for spraying the surface layer of the air permeability or mixed type plastic stadiums.

1.Air compressor: A sliding-vane type or piston-type air compressor which is featured as small cubage, large air volume, slight pressure drop,
compact structure, stable & reliable operation, etc, may provide a stable air source for spraying.
2.Hopper: Welded steel structure and rust-proof paint, the plastic cement is continuously mixed and transferred to the material pump from the
3.Material pump: This pump is a volumn pump, suitable for conveying either solid or liquid materials. The flowing rate depends on the rotation
4.Chassis: Welded steel structure and rust-proof paint, the chassis consists of an air compressor, hopper, speed variator, material pump, a pair
of tight wheels, etc. A pair of steering wheel is under the chassis, which enables flexible move or turning.
5.Spraying gun: The spraying gun is mainly used for mixing or atomizing compressed air and plastic mixtures, and evenly spraying the mixture
on the plastic ground.