Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

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Artificial grass emphasizes more on safety since the game is fiercer and is easier to cause serious injuries. Thus, we designs softer artificial grass to offer more comfortable surface with lower sliding resistance, which prevents skinned knees and elbows. Additionally, This synthetic grass are free of heavy metals (especially lead) or any other kinds of toxic chemicals which may do harm to human beings or the environment.


Natural Appearance:
Artificial grass reveals the features and characteristics of natural turf in both feeling and appearance. In a certain sense, it is better than natural grass because of its strong color fastness and high UV stability, which allows the surface to keep green under any weather condition for years to come.
Creative Technology:
We encourages and promotes innovation and development of high-tech synthetic turf. Extruded with advanced polymer technology, the fibers are engineered to contribute to a soft and flexible surface. Advanced production equipment with strict control of technological process ensures the uniform and extraordinary quality.
Reinforced Playability:
Artificial turf surface keeps improving the performance of ball rolls and bounces so as to make it easier for sliding, kicking and sprinting. Its outstanding playing features are demonstrated by authoritative laboratories.

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