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Why to Install Artificial Grass 8/9/2021
· Artificial grass is the most convenient and smart solution because it does not require any maintenance.
· Artificial grass gives an aesthetical look whatever the weather is. It will always stay green as the weather has no impact on the turf.
· If you are moving to some other country or city, you do not have to worried about watering your grass as artificial does not grow.
· Artificial grass does not need water like natural grass so it saves water and water bills.
· Artificial grass is hygienic as it can wash away any dirt or animal waste on it.
· Artificial grass is cost-saving for the long term as it does not require fertilizer like natural grass.
· It makes your gardens look beautiful all the years.
· Heat has no effect on it.
· It dries faster and has good drainage properties.
· Artificial grass is safer for kids playing on it as it does not require any chemicals or fertilizer and is soft.
· Artificial grass is Long-lasting and the expected life expectancy is 15 years approx.